TSA Installs New CT X-Ray Scanners at Bradley International Airport

The latest in checkpoint scanning equipment has been installed at Bradley International Airport, further enhancing threat detection capabilities for carry-on baggage. According to research, Computed Tomography (CT) technology, similar to what is used in the medical field, is the most effective technology currently available for airport checkpoints.

Previously, TSA’s screening technology for carry-on bags utilized 2D images. However, the new CT technology applies sophisticated algorithms to create a 3D image that aids in the detection of explosives and other potential threats. TSA officers can easily view and rotate these images to identify any dangerous or prohibited items in a passenger’s baggage, eliminating the need for passengers to unpack their belongings.

These new scanners represent one of the most effective tools available to TSA officers for screening passenger carry-on items, resulting in greater passenger throughput and a smoother screening process.

Other Recent Updates at the TSA Checkpoint

Mail-Back Program
BDL has partnered with Flippit to offer a solution for passengers who may inadvertently be traveling with a prohibited item. Instead of surrendering the prohibited item to the TSA, you will now be able to mail the item to an address of your choosing via a self-serve kiosk. To learn more about Flippit, click here.

Liquid Disposal Units
Liquid disposal units allow you to empty bottles, that do not meet TSA’s 3-1-1 rule, prior to entering a security checkpoint. Bottles can then be refilled post-security at one of our many water refill stations. Ensuring liquids are disposed of before screening also helps expedite the screening process. The units are located at the main checkpoint.

Pro-Travel Tip

At Bradley International Airport, you only need to show your ID at the TSA document checking station to have your identity and flight information verified. You no longer need to show multiple travel documents to the TSA officer before you place your carry-on bags onto the conveyor belt for x-ray. This change is a result of the introduction of Credential Authentication Technology (CAT), which enhances security and streamlines the screening process. Bradley International Airport was one of the first airports in New England to rollout the new technology in September 2020.

Note: Even with TSA’s use of CAT, travelers still need to check-in with their airline in advance and bring their boarding pass to their gate to show the airline representative before boarding their flight.

For more TSA travel tips and information, visit https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/whatcanibring/all

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