Terminal Improvements You May Have Missed

At Bradley International Airport (BDL), we strive to ensure your travel experience is as seamless as possible through constant improvements and partnerships with innovative companies. However, with updates happening regularly, some are bound to fly under the radar. We’ve highlighted six recent improvements designed to make your time at BDL convenient and comfortable.

Improved Flight Information

To provide you with clear and accurate information, we have updated the look of our Flight Information Displays (FIDS) located throughout the terminal. You will now find a more aesthetically pleasing and better organized display of crucial information, as well as additional functionality such as gate directionals.

Many of our Gate Information Displays (GIDS) also received an appearance update, allowing us to better deliver location-specific information.

A Quieter Terminal

To enhance your experience and reduce the amount of noise within the terminal, we have significantly reduced the frequency of pre-recorded overhead announcements from 9.3 minutes per hour to 1.5 minutes per hour — an 84% decrease!

Mail-Back Program

BDL has partnered with Flippit to offer a solution for passengers who may inadvertently be traveling with a prohibited item. Instead of surrendering the prohibited item to the TSA, you will now be able to mail the item to an address of your choosing via a self-serve kiosk. To learn more about Flippit, click here.

Liquid Disposal Units

Liquid disposal units allow you to empty bottles, that do not meet TSA’s 3-1-1 rule, prior to entering a security checkpoint. Bottles can then be refilled post-security at one of our many water refill stations. Ensuring liquids are disposed of before screening also helps expedite the screening process. The units are located at the main checkpoint.

Charging Counters + Work Surfaces

We have installed more charging counters and additional work surfaces within the gate areas. The charging counters are equipped with outlets for use with smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more, so you can stay charged and connected during your travel.

A Greener Feel

Live plants have been added to the terminals to enhance the overall aesthetics and create a healthier and more natural indoor environment.

These recent improvements demonstrate our continued effort to enhance your experience at BDL. To keep up with the latest BDL news and updates, stay tuned to the Love the Journey Blog and follow us on social media.

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*Some nonstop flights may operate only during certain time periods of the year (seasonally). For the latest flight information, please visit the airline's website.