Roadway Construction Update

Roadway construction at Bradley International Airport’s Route 20 entrance is ongoing, and new traffic patterns have been put in place over the last few months to allow for the completion of the construction.

In early November, a new traffic pattern was introduced for inbound access to the airport, and travelers began using the inbound portion of the new, modern roundabout.

In late November, outbound traffic was shifted onto a new roadway alignment and the outbound portion of the roundabout is now also in use.

The construction will continue as more work needs to be done before the roundabout can switch to its final traffic pattern, which will ultimately allow for the entering, exiting and recirculating of traffic. This work will be the final phase of the construction and will be completed over the next few months.

Since construction is still ongoing in the area, travelers should exercise caution and follow the construction signs and variable message boards for directions and any further changes to the traffic patterns.

The CAA began the construction of the new roadway system in June 2017. The project involves the realignment of Schoephoester Road along with a portion of the airport’s lower roadway system, as well as the construction of a modern roundabout. Ultimately, when construction is complete, these changes will provide a new entrance to the airport at the Route 20 access point.

The main feature of the new roadway system is the modern roundabout, which is an effective tool to reducing vehicle speeds while maintaining high levels of traffic. The new roadway system will also result in the opening of a 19-acres site, which will be used for the future development of the airport’s Ground Transportation Center.

“This is an exciting time at Bradley International Airport,” said Connecticut Airport Authority (CAA) Executive Director Kevin A. Dillon, A.A.E. “We’re committed to taking the travel experience at the airport to the next level and that starts with the arrival at the airport. The new roadway will completely change the way travelers enter the airport, most importantly it will make access easier and safer. It will also bring us one step closer to the development of the Ground Transportation Center, which will be another major improvement for our travelers.”

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