Five ways to Love the Journey for Business Travelers

A good business trip can make or break your week – and that trip starts from the moment you walk out your front door. With a few simple steps and even some little luxuries, you’ll love the journey, and arrive rested and well prepared for whatever your trip has in store.

1. Charge and pre-load your electronic devices.

It almost goes without saying, but it’s so easy to forget – make sure your laptop and cell phone get a complete charge the night before you leave. Also, save any important files you’ll need during your trip to your computer, just in case inflight Wi-Fi isn’t reliable. But, if you run into any trouble, Bradley has you covered with Wi-Fi and cell phone charging stations throughout the concourse.

2. Check traffic conditions before you go.

Chances are, Bradley’s just around the corner from you, but make sure you don’t get stuck in an unexpected snarl on the way by using a traffic app with up-to-the minute conditions. Apps like Waze or Google Maps will suggest a new route if serious traffic begins backing up on your current path.

3. Park smart – know your options.

Whether you seek the cost-efficient parking offered by our economy lot or the convenience of Park-Walk-Fly access in the parking garage directly across from Terminal A, Bradley has parking options for every traveler. When time is of the essence, reserve your garage spot ahead of time at

4. Save Time With TSA PreCheck & Global Entry.

If you’re traveling for business more than a few times per year, consider enrolling in TSA PreCheck. This program allows eligible travelers to bypass long security lines for an expedited system where passengers don’t have to remove their 3-1-1 liquid compliant bag, laptops, coats, belts, and shoes. If that doesn’t knock your socks off – this fact will: in 2015, 99% of PreCheck passengers waited in security lines for less than five minutes.

Skip the lines with Global Entry! CBP’s Global Entry Enrollment Center is now open at Bradley. The new Global Entry Enrollment Center is located in the International Arrivals Building at Bradley International Airport and open Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is open exclusively to Trusted Traveler Program applicants who have applied for membership through the Global On-line Enrollment System (GOES) and have had their applications conditionally approved. Conditionally approved applicants can now schedule or change their previously scheduled interview to the Bradley Enrollment Center through the GOES website

5. Relax and focus at the Escape Lounge.

You beat the traffic, you’re through security, now for a little down time. Treat yourself to a pass at Bradley’s Escape Lounge (save $5 by making your reservation online!). Enjoy the complimentary food and drinks, abundance of charging outlets, free high speed internet, and relaxed, quiet atmosphere.

Bradley International Airport (BDL) invites you to love the journey at New England's second-largest airport. Recognized nationally by leading travel publications for its ease of travel, Bradley International Airport is ready to welcome you with new nonstops, expanded services, and convenient travel. The award-winning airport is operated by the Connecticut Airport Authority, and its operations are entirely self-funded. The airport contributes nearly $3.6 billion to the regional economy.

*Some nonstop flights may operate only during certain time periods of the year (seasonally). For the latest flight information, please visit the airline's website.