Bradley International Airport Partners with Local, National, and International Start-ups, Offers New Pilot Programs

There have been three additions to Bradley International Airport’s menu of services – Flippit, SimpliFly, and Swift UV – each as part of a pilot program which trials new services at the airport. The goal of each program is to provide a more convenient and safe travel experience for all passengers, while also giving new start-up companies an opportunity to showcase their product or service to airport passengers.

Participating pilot program services are carefully chosen based on their benefits to Bradley International Airport passengers, and engagement and feedback are continuously monitored throughout the duration of the trial. Flippit, SimpliFly, and Swift UV represent a diverse range of services intended to enhance the passenger experience at Bradley International Airport.

“We are thrilled to connect our passengers with three pilot programs,” said Kevin A. Dillon, A.A.E., Executive Director of the Connecticut Airport Authority. “At Bradley International Airport, we are committed to making travel as easy and enjoyable as possible for our passengers and want to be at the forefront of the latest technologies available in the travel landscape. We also strive to partner with up-and-coming companies in an effort to help facilitate the next generation of innovation at airports.”

Flippit, based in New York, offers a solution for passengers who may inadvertently be traveling with a prohibited item. Instead of surrendering the prohibited item in the TSA checkpoint, passengers are now able to send the item to an address of their choosing for a fee – packed, insured and tracked. Flippit’s patent-pending “quick-drop” system uses smartphone technology and secure mobile payments to make the process quick and easy—no app to download, no username or password to create, and the transaction can be done at the traveler’s leisure after clearing security. Look for the red Flippit dropbox next to the TSA screening checkpoint.

The SimpliFly app offers a variety of pre-flight and in-flight resources to help passengers fly with confidence. With SimpliFly, users gain instant access to a comprehensive video course on all aspects of aviation, relaxation and breathing exercises, and the ability to live chat with an airline pilot. Access to the app is free, but a fee is applicable for premium content. As part of the pilot, BDL passengers get premium content free for 60 days. The app originates from Israel.

Swift UV
Swift UV is a chemical-free compact phone disinfection unit from Connecticut-based company, iCleanse. Swift UV provides passengers with a quick method to disinfect their phones with UV-C light. In just 15 seconds, Swift UV’s technology kills 99.99% of pathogens on phones – including viruses that cause COVID-19 and influenza. At Bradley International Airport, four units have been deployed.

Concluding the one-year pilot period, an evaluation process gauges the overall effectiveness and impact of the services. By collecting valuable feedback and data from the users of these programs, Bradley International Airport and the companies work together to identify and address any areas for improvement that may arise during the pilot period, in order to better deliver a final product to passengers.

Passengers are encouraged to take advantage of these new amenities and provide feedback on their experience.

Bradley International Airport (BDL) invites you to love the journey at New England's second-largest airport. Recognized nationally by leading travel publications for its ease of travel, Bradley International Airport is ready to welcome you with new nonstops, expanded services, and convenient travel. The award-winning airport is operated by the Connecticut Airport Authority, and its operations are entirely self-funded. The airport contributes nearly $3.6 billion to the regional economy.

*Some nonstop flights may operate only during certain time periods of the year (seasonally). For the latest flight information, please visit the airline's website.