FAA Awards $20 million for Improvements at BDL

August 2022 – Following a competitive application process, Bradley International Airport was selected as one of 85 airports to receive funding to further the passenger experience.

Bradley International Airport was recently awarded $20 million worth of competitive funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Bradley International Airport is one of 85 airports to receive funding from the $1 billion that was dedicated in fiscal year 2022 for the Airport Terminal Program. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), 532 airports submitted applications for 658 proposed projects, totaling more than $14 billion.

The $20 million earmarked for the airport will be used to address and improve the airport’s baggage screening, which is handled on the departures level near the ticket counters. The upgrade will include the construction of an in-line checked baggage inspection system, with the creation of a new $185 million dedicated facility on airport grounds.

Bradley International Airport is one of the few remaining airports that still requires passengers to carry their own checked bags from the ticket counter to large CTX machines in the ticketing area, which creates congestion and disruption to the passenger experience. The presence of these bulky machines also constrains available ticket counter and queueing space for airlines operating at the airport.

With the new facility constructed and the completion of approximately one mile worth of conveyer belt systems, passengers will no longer need to carry their own luggage to the screening scanners. Instead, the screening process will be handled behind-the-scenes once the luggage is handed over to the airline ticket agent.

The new checked baggage inspection facility will be built directly adjacent to the main terminal, and the facility’s upper level will include shell space for future gate and concession expansion.

Preliminary work on the project will begin in the fall.

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