Tips for Navigating Spring Break Parking

With 6,500+ parking spots and rates as low as $7 a day we are ready to welcome you. Here is what you can do to plan ahead.

Check parking availability ahead of time.

To help save time, visit to check the status of the parking garage and surface lots.

Arrive early.

With more individuals returning to travel, we anticipate a busy travel period. Arrive early and allow plenty of time to park and walk or use the shuttle,

Look for parking related signage.

The airport has a number of variable message boards with the latest parking information on display. When you arrive, pay particular attention to the signage to guide you to your parking location.

Take a picture of your parking spot.

This is a simple and important step in helping you remember where you parked once you return and search for your vehicle. If you are parking in our parking garage, please note that the levels are color-coded to also help you remember your location.

Remember to bring a face covering with you.

Before you leave your vehicle, don’t forget to bring your face covering. At airports and onboard aircraft face coverings are federally mandated and must be worn.

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