CAA Honors Firefighter/Paramedic Christina with An Award for Saving Three Lives

Over the course of the last few months, on three separate occasions, Firefighter/Paramedic Christina responded to medical calls involving passengers who were in cardiac arrest.  In all three instances, she performed life support measures to help the passengers regain their consciousness and vital signs. It is unprecedented that the same first responder would face three critical incidents in such a short time span. Yet, she did and handled each one of them confidently and capably. Her quick response and diligence saved three lives.  The Connecticut Airport Authority is pleased to recognize her heroism with an award.

Firefighter/Paramedic Christina is part of our on-site medical response team. Each year, they respond to hundreds of medical service calls for assistance, with the majority occurring in the terminal. Realizing that every second matters during medical emergencies, last year, the Airport Fire Department established a mobile EMS response team right inside the terminal, allowing the team to be able to respond faster to calls for assistance.

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