Coverage of Weather and Delays

Adverse weather conditions could affect airport operations due to airfield conditions, visibility, or other situations. For weather related delays and special circumstances at BDL, media representatives are encouraged to check the Airport’s twitter account at https://twitter.com_BradleyAirport for the most up-to-date Airport operational status. In certain circumstances, the public information office will provide regular updates to the news media organizations via email.

Please note that BDL does not close during most inclement weather conditions. However, for safety reasons, there may be interruptions to operations to clear snow and ice from runways and/or ramps. BDL may close its runways for an extended period of time during severe weather conditions, such as heavy snow, tornadoes, or hurricane conditions. The airlines, FAA, and pilots determine delays, cancellations or rerouting of flights related to weather conditions. Inquiries about impacted flights should be directed to the individual airlines that operate at BDL. Please note contact information below.

Aer Lingus


Air Canada

(416) 460 – 3966

American Airlines

(817) 967 – 1577

Delta Airlines

(404) 715 – 2554

Frontier Airlines

(720) 374-4560

Jet Blue Airlines

(718) 709 – 3089

Southwest Airlines

(214) 792 – 4847


(954) 364 – 0231

United Airlines

(872) 825 – 8640

Coverage of Emergencies

During an emergency, all media inquiries should be directed to the Public Information Officers. Requests for information will be accommodated to the greatest extent possible and as soon as possible.

In the event of a major emergency at one of the CAA’s airports, the CAA will designate a media briefing center and will communicate that information to the media.

The Executive Director of the CAA may conduct media briefings with general information as the situation warrants, and may coordinate subsequent briefings with representatives from the airlines and other federal agencies.

The following is information on the federal agencies that partner with the CAA in an emergency situation:

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
Media Affairs: (202) 314-6100

The NTSB is one of the federal agencies that investigates aircraft accidents involving serious injury or substantial property damage. The agency takes custody of the aircraft and its contents from the time fire/rescue operations are concluded, until a full investigation is completed or releases are issued. Upon the arrival of an NTSB investigation team, CAA staff will assume a support role as requested.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Public Affairs (New England Region): (718) 553-3015

Various branches of the FAA have responsibilities in an aircraft emergency. The FAA operates the control tower and will direct air traffic during an emergency to permit equipment to proceed to the accident site.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
New Haven Office: (203) 503-5086

The FBI has jurisdiction over criminal acts that cause an emergency situation to occur aboard an aircraft. If an aircraft is in flight when an emergency arises, the FAA will continue to maintain control over the aircraft until it has landed.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Public Affairs (New England Region): (617) 561-2043

TSA is a federal agency within the Department of Homeland Security. The TSA protects the nation’s transportation system to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce. TSA has jurisdiction over transportation regulations regarding air commerce. TSA personnel operate and manage the passenger and baggage security systems and processes.
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Coverage of other Special Circumstances

In certain circumstances, we rely on our partner agencies to assist in providing media assistance. For example:

  • For information regarding motor vehicle accidents or criminal investigations at CAA airports, please contact the Connecticut State Police at (860) 685-8230.
  • For information regarding air traffic accidents, incidents, or other matters affecting the National Airspace System outside of the CAA airports, please contact the Federal Aviation Administration’s PR Office at (718) 553-3015.
  • For information regarding incidents involving military aircraft, please contact the Connecticut Air National Guard Public Information Office at (860) 292-2460.
  • For information regarding security screening guidelines and other Transportation Security Administration (TSA) matters, please call its regional Public Affairs Office at (617) 561-2043.