Media Access

The media is welcome in public pre-screening areas, which include terminal lobbies, concession areas, parking lots, and roadways. Please note that no waiting areas are in force on all roadways.

Passenger screening checkpoints and checked baggage screening areas at BDL are operated by the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA). For security reasons, taking photographs or filming of any security-sensitive checkpoint area is strictly prohibited. However, certain situations may warrant filming near a security checkpoint, with specific limitation, and advance approval from one of the public information officers. Please note that access beyond the security checkpoint is granted to ticketed individuals only.

Media are asked to not block or restrict movement anywhere in the terminal. The CAA reserves the right to restrict media activity at any location on Airport property.

If the media is required to move away from a particular area, please comply and understand that the CAA is operating under federal directives for the safety of all parties. Any attempt to breach security will be subject to prosecution/penalty under federal and state laws.

Media Parking

At BDL, all non-live media vehicles must park in the parking garage across from the terminal.  Parking validation is available during normal business hours for CAA sponsored events and must be pre-arranged with one of the public information officers.