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Flight Departures
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Bradley International Airport makes every effort to keep arrival and departure information current, however we encourage you to check with your airline who may have more up to date information available.

or Flight Number
AirlineFlight NumberDestinationDeparture TimeArrival TimeStatus
United Airlines5705
Washington, DC
2:43 PM4:11 PMActive
US Airways3259
Philadelphia, PA
3:09 PM4:39 PMLanded
US Airways3520
Pittsburgh, PA
3:24 PM4:50 PMActive
Delta Air Lines1690
Atlanta, GA
3:30 PM6:00 PMActive
JetBlue Airways1459
Fort Lauderdale, FL
3:35 PM6:44 PMActive
Southwest Airlines305
Baltimore, MD
3:45 PM4:55 PMActive
American Airlines2496
Miami, FL
3:55 PM7:15 PMActive
Southwest Airlines721
Tampa, FL
4:00 PM6:55 PMScheduled
Delta Air Lines5327
Detroit, MI
4:30 PM6:32 PMScheduled
US Airways3223
Washington, DC
4:35 PM5:56 PMActive
Southwest Airlines2242
Orlando, FL
4:50 PM7:35 PMScheduled
Delta Air Lines792
Atlanta, GA
4:50 PM7:22 PMScheduled
American Airlines4275
Chicago, IL
4:50 PM6:25 PMScheduled
US Airways2092
Charlotte, NC
5:05 PM7:06 PMScheduled
United Airlines1194
Chicago, IL
5:06 PM6:38 PMScheduled
Southwest Airlines700
Chicago, IL
5:10 PM6:30 PMScheduled
Air Canada7299
Montreal, QC
5:30 PM6:52 PMScheduled
US Airways3233
Philadelphia, PA
5:45 PM7:12 PMScheduled
Atlanta, GA
5:50 PM8:20 PMScheduled
American Airlines1581
Dallas, TX
6:05 PM9:10 PMScheduled
Southwest Airlines408
Baltimore, MD
6:20 PM7:30 PMScheduled
JetBlue Airways1141
West Palm Beach, FL
6:23 PM9:10 PMScheduled
Delta Air Lines1724
Atlanta, GA
6:30 PM8:59 PMScheduled
Air Canada7301
Toronto, ON
6:30 PM8:29 PMScheduled
United Airlines501
Washington, DC
7:11 PM8:31 PMScheduled
US Airways1805
Charlotte, NC
7:15 PM9:15 PMScheduled
JetBlue Airways137
Orlando, FL
7:32 PM10:24 PMScheduled
American Airlines4248
Chicago, IL
7:45 PM9:15 PMScheduled
US Airways4026
Washington, DC
8:00 PM9:25 PMScheduled
US Airways3866
Philadelphia, PA
8:02 PM9:08 PMScheduled
Southwest Airlines2425
Baltimore, MD
8:20 PM9:30 PMScheduled
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